Hey There

I'm a Kansas City Wedding Photographer
I've been photographing for 4 years and have captured over 100 wedding days!
I wear yoga pants and sweaters year round
I love pizza and tacos
I love my husband, Matt, and his beard
I LOVE plants! Indoor and outdoor! 
I love prunes (weird I know) and cookies

Currently watching FRIENDS, Parks + Rec, or the Office
I'm a 3 I think or maybe a 9 on the enneagram...still trying to figure that out haha. Let me know your number!!!
obsessed with the Bachelor/Bachelorette podcasts and Ben Rector and Drew Holcomb Music

I'm Deana

This is the year for living to the fullest, laughing until our stomachs hurt, dreaming + hoping for abundantly more and for moments you place in your home + reflect upon for the many years to come.

I'd love to tell the story of YOU and celebrate this year with you.

Let's make this year so awesome that last year is jealous

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email me: deanajohnson09@gmail.com

WOHOOO! Catch you on the flippity flip!